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We have worked closely with many of our clients for years. Here is a selection from our mailbag, of growers comments on the results of our SOIL IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM.

"We now have more confidence that the materials we apply are needed and not being wasted. Most of all, the improvement in growth and quality we see makes you very valuable to us, indeed."

Mark Thompson, Oregon

"Overall the adoption of the Albrect Method and Rob Sutherland as a consultant soils advisor has been financially rewarding, sustainable and will continue to play a major role in what we do today."

Gary Johnston, Australia

"I have a customer in Idaho who sent me another shoe box of soil samples to test this year because he used half of my recommendation last year and doubled his production on some forages on pivot irrigation."

Bo Shropshire, California

"I continue to be inspired by your approach to Albrecht's work, the process makes complete sense. As I continue to apply it with new clients, I keep realizing how much I didn't absorb early on because I hadn't worked hands- on with it.... The program is fitting in very well with my seed business and is unbelievably enlightening as to the problems we have been fighting here."

Bill Casey, Kansas

"This is the 4th year I've sent you samples and I have been very happy with your analysis....I have applied your recommended fertilizer to all of my veggie land and much of my hay and pasture land. I've been organic for 25 years and have very good crops generally. This summer all of our veggies were absolutely superior quality and taste. It's probably from bringing in the trace nutrients. Thanks again for your service.

Dennis King, Maine

"We have been achieving standout results in our part of the country thanks to your training and testing service and it has made our business stand out from the crowd. Farmers are achieving greater productivity and healthier animals, with strong profits soon to follow!" "I have now begun hair testing animals and I am seeing a remarkable correlation between the soil tests and animal mineral balance."

Peter Norwood, Austrailia

"Neal, your program has not only made me tens of thousands of dollars; it has saved me tens of thousands of dollars.

....It's not just the tonnage; it's the quality of the almond. The kernel is huge, plump and solid (a tenth of a gram per kernel more in weight is money in the bank). Here are the figures:

  • 2004.....782lbs/acre (First year soil test with all recommendations applied in november after harvest)
  • 2005.....2034
  • 2006.....2442
  • 2007......3887

After reading Hands-On Agronomy in the summer of 2004, I bought 4 more copies and for Christmas gave them to my second and third generation grower friends. (I am a 12 year grower) Not one read the gifted book (I was poo-ha-ha'd). This is no longer the case. In November 2006, there were dozens of lime and gypsum piles along the roads!

My orchard is 1000 feet long a well-traveled road. You can't miss the tree limbs loaded with almonds when across the street or adjacent to our orchard the difference is literally a night and day difference. I apply what the soil and trees need to produce a large crop. No more, no less.

NO MORE COFFEE SHOP CONSENSUS regarding nitrogen and potash. I use less than half the nitrogen and about double the potassium as previously applied. Trace elements are applied as per recommendations religiously.

I bought my own Adams lime/gypsum/fertilizer spreader and never rent it out. It's as accurate as a 30-30 at 100 yards. It requires more attention, timing, and effort... but man is it worth it.

The soil test with recommendations and K-displacement is factually worth 10 times what you charge.

I have worn out my first copy of your book and now have a second. I re-read the hi-lighted passages to get fired up every December for the next season."

Mike Ebert, California

"...The results came back, and you said that the soil was short on several elements including manganese and that was what was causing the problem. So before the next crop we added manganese as well as the other recom- mended nutrients. As it happened, the next crop according to our rotation was butternut squash, a close relative of cantaloupe, so this would be a real test to see whether the system worked or not. Well, it was soon apparent that it worked great. The butternut grew lush and green. The whole field was a sea of green leaves three feet tall, I became a believer."

Dale Danner, California

"Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your hectic day yesterday. It's a good feeling when a small market grower can get the same top-notch service like the agri-farms."

C. Alexander, Georgia

"..... I can say one of the more rewarding aspects of my career has been working with you and your program, and seeing the vast improvement in soil tilth and texture. I know we are making better wine for the effort."

Jeff Virnig, Winecrafter at Robert Sinskey Vineyards, California

"Neal, my wheat and canola crops this year are the best I've ever grown. By following and implementing your recommendations, I feel my yields have increased by 50% for wheat and 25% for canola. A great achievement. Many thanks."

Paul Mason, Australia

"We applied all the recommended trace elements... Had extremely good results. Best grass ever... in spite of a lousy growing season - very hot and extended drought. We were the only people in the area who didn't have to feed hay in July / August."

Frank Bostwick, Arkansas

"Thanks very much for last year's [recommendations]. It was the best corn crop in this area ever. We think we averaged over 200 bu per acre. The highest check we happened to take was 265 bu per acre which was the second highest that our Pioneer dealer took. Most beans were in the lower 50's in this area but ours averaged 60."

Randy Vogeler, Iowa

"In following your recommendations to correct these problems we began having positive results within the first year and have continued to get those results, as measured by increased yield, for the past seven years. Production in the bad areas now equals what the good areas used to produce but the good areas have gotten better so they are still ahead.... it has also held true in our landscape areas..."

Lee Dickens, California

"Not till I utilized Neal Kinsey's teachings about soil balancing did my gardens take on a life of their own. A sensitive lady, a Sunset Magazine editor, who many times published comments on my gardens in the magazine, once told me, "I love your gardens, because they are so alive!"

Jana Ruzicka, California

"I tried some gypsum on a pasture where the sulphur was 9ppm to try out this Albrecht method on our clover. It worked, you can see where the spreader went as the rows are a darker colour and have experienced more growth over Spring. ... Thank you again for sharing your knowledge. It has greatly enhanced my ability to predict soil fertility and make better decisions regarding fertilizer purchases."

Brad Watkins, Western Australia

"We got another blue and another purple ribbon entering the open-class exhibit at the county fair. The second cutting sample tested almost 21% protein. This hay doesn't stink. A sweet smell like no other and it tastes good. Not vinegary. The horses are not sick, don't waste any and the cows will fight you for it. I cannot put into words to thank you enough for what has been done to help me. Your outlook has put me on a completely different path...and I am taking it."

John Belork, Indiana

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"We were very pleased how the avocado orchard responded to your fertiliser program."

C.D., New Zealand