Hands On Agronomy

Revised & Expanded

Also Available:

HOA: German Edition

Companion DVD Workshop

by Neal Kinsey

Soil fertility guidelines proven by many years experience worldwide, for farmers, ranchers and gardeners or anyone interested in building a top-quality soil in which to grow top-quality plants.

Topics Include:

  • The Farming Dilemma
  • Cation-Anion Connection
  • Nutrient Action and Interaction
  • Calcium, Magnesium and Tillage
  • The Nuances of Nitrogen, Phosporous & Potassium
  • Using Manures
  • The Sulfur Connection
  • Sodium - What's the Problem
  • Micronurients and their Application
  • Using Plant Tissue Analysis
  • Nutrients and Soil Biology
  • How Accurate is Your Soil Analysis?
  • Hands-On Agronomy: $30.00
  • Hands-On Agronomy(German Edition) $50.00
  • Companion DVD Workshop: $30.00

"I am a crop consultant for Crop Production Services here in Indiana. I have just finished your book Hands-On Agronomy and wanted to personally express how much I enjoyed every page of this book. I can not wait to try and put some of your methods into practice for my clients here. I really hope you plan to publish more pieces like this in the future,"

Ryan Hiner fromChalmers, Indiana

"I have the revised & expanded Hands-On Agronomy book. The pages of this book are worn and ear-marked from long hours of reading and studying the contents. I have read numerous books on soil fertility and the use of fertilizers but Hands-On Agronomy is "head & shoulders" above the rest and it makes total sense."

W. E. "Hoss" Hopping fromCoweta, OK

"What a wonderful revelation your book has been..... only now has light come streaming in - from your pen."

John Fair fromSouth Africa

"... I have read your book three times and I pick up more every time I read through it. I have read many a fertility manual but you bring everything together in a very straightforward manner that is very easy to understand, and I consider this information beyond anything that I could have received, even the most advanced college courses. Again, thank you."

Jerry Cordell fromSedgwick, Kansas

"This may be the first hands-on manual to address the real problem of ecologically sound agriculture with a system that does not pollute land, water or food resources."

Acres USA (magazine)

"Congratulations on your book "Hands-On Agronomy". You've taken the complex subject of soil physics, chemistry, and biology and put it into an easy to understand, common-sense format."