Courses and Presentations on Soil Fertility Management    
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   Wish to learn more about successful soil fertility management?

         Higher yields, lower costs, fewer pest and disease problems, and
        irrigation savings are reported effects of 'feeding the soil and not the plant'.
             In response to demand from growers and consultants who want to learn
        more about the benefits of our program, we offer short courses periodically
        during the year.   These courses are based on the Albrecht principles of
        soil-based fertility management, and are at 'introductory' and 'advanced' level.
             In addition to the public seminars, we can also conduct private training
        sessions tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.
             Kinsey Agricultural Services' public courses for 2015 with contact details 
        are listed below.

    K.A.S. Public Courses for 2015  
Ashburton, New Zealand
World Wide Ag Conference
June 22nd - 24th, 2015
Cambridge, New Zealand
International Introductory II Soil Fertility Course
June 29th - July 3rd, 2015
Golden Bay Dolomite / Kiwi Fertiliser
Sikeston, Missouri
Advanced I Soil Fertility Course
July 27th - July 31st, 2015
Kinsey Agricultural Services
      Can't make the location / date?      Let us know your preferences for future seminars.


    K.A.S.Courses for 2015  


 Ashburton, New Zealand
 Monday, June 22nd to Wednesday, June 24th, 2015


Hear from international and farmer speakers about options for lifting the capability of your operation's production platform - that is, your dairy and pastoral livestock, soil, pasture and crops.

Up to 200 farmers - a mix of sheep/beef, dairy and cropping operators - are expected to attend the World Wide Agriculture 2015 conference. Top-performing farmers are looking for a step change, as they recognise that simply throwing "more" in agriculture is not the way forward. A considered and sophisticated approach is needed. Take the time to understand you production platform, so you can optimise its potential. The conference will be followed by a farm bus tour on 24 June 2015.
              Conference (22-23 June 2015) - $295

              Dinner (22 June 2015) - $100

              Farm Bus Tour (24 June 2015) - $70

              Early bird registration of $295 + GST is valid up until 22 May 2015. Thereafter, registration will cost $345 + GST.

        Workshop Location:
              Ashburton Trust Event Centre
              211a Wills St Ashburton, New Zealand
              Phone: (605)-229-4040

       Contact Information:
      All information about speakers, registration, and contact information is on the website 

        Phone: 64 3 318 0133
        Mobile: 64 275 760 303
 Cambridge, New Zealand
 Monday, June 29th to  Friday, June 3rd, 2015

Course Outline:

Day 1 - June 29th: - FARM VISITS / HOBBITON TOUR / PANEL DISCUSSION Day 2 - June 30th: - FARM VISITS Day 3 - July 1st: - DAY ONE COURSE - Micronutrients Day 4 - July 2nd: - DAY TWO COURSE - Micronutrients continued / Nitrogen / Phosphorus / Potassium Day 5 - July 3rd: - DAY THREE COURSE - Sulphur /Silicon / Calcium and Magnesium *All courses start at 8.30am and finish at 5.30pm PDF of Course Outline including accomodation options
              Full Registration (including 3 day training, 2 days of farm visits, morning
              and afternoon teas and lunches for 5 days, Hobbiton tour, evening meal
              at Hobbiton, and course materials.) - $1290 + GST (15%)

        Workshop Location:
              St Peters Cambridge
              1716 Cambridge Road, Cambridge 3283, New Zealand
              Phone: +64 7-827 9899

       Contact Information:
      All information about speakers, registration, and contact information is on the website 

      Ron McLean:
        Phone: (0064) 800 549 433
 Sikeston, Missouri
 July 27th to July 31st, 2015

Make plans now for this five day program, beginning with our three - day intensive soil fertility course, followed by an optional day of farm tours featuring those using our program for growing corn, soybeans, rice, cotton, wheat, and dairy pastures. The fifth day will feature an optional tour - conducted by Bob Perry and staff - of the soil lab where all of the analytical work is done for all soils we receive from around the world.

Based on over 40 years of practical "hands on" experience working with growers in over 75 countries globally this course is especially designed to help identify specific soil fertility issues. 100 soils from around the world have been chosen to help illustrate the greatest problems we encounter in soil fertility. These soils are presented in a notebook along with how to correctly work out and solve each problem accordingly. This is done by using the unique formula that specifically applies to that particular type of soil. We strive to show when each problem occurs how to use the proper considerations for correctly determining the answer showing exact fertility needs for such a soil time after time. NOTE: Soils below TEC 8.68 require a separate three-day course, and are not included as a part of this program. All participants should have already attended an intro course and/or are very thoroughly familiar with the information in Hands-On Agronomy. Additional recommended reading: Albrecht Papers, Vol. II and Eco-Farm, both are available here on our website. A printable version of the course outline

              REGISTRATION / HOTEL RESERVATIONS (Sun - Tues, or speficy): $1050.00
               - This cost includes all morning and afternoon breaks, hotel room 
               (previous night) and lunch each day (Mon, Tues, Wed) and Course 
               Materials. (Call for additional nights or needs.)

               COURSE REGISTRATION ONLY (excludes hotel room): $700/person

               The FARM TOUR is open to all farmers and interested parties that wish to 
               participate; the cost for this section is $165, which includes hotel room 
               for Wednesday night. For farm tour and lunch only: $50/person.

               Pre-payment for all bookings is essential and registration will close on 
               Friday, July 24th or sooner if we reach full capacity.

               For more information, call the office at 573-683-3880.

               Registration Form

        Workshop Location:
              Holiday Inn Express Hotel, Sikeston, Missouri (USA)
              115 Hospitality Drive, Sikeston, MO 63801
              Phone: 573-475-9522

       Contact Information:

      Shannon Welker:
        Phone: (573) 683-3880


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