Qualified Consultants who have studied and utilized the Kinsey-Albrecht method of soil testing and recommendations, and who can advise on its application for soil fertility needs.



Agronomy Consulting

Curtis Pate


8159 E. Lorenzo Ln

Yuma, AZ 85365

Kinsey/Albrecht consulting in Arizona and Southern California. PCA services in Southern California with over 25 years of experience in production consulting.

Specializing in:

Citrus, Vegetables, Forages, Grapes

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Phone: (760) 455-9586


B & B Ag Consulting

6605 Brush Lane

Modesto, CA 95358

Business: (209) 537-0407

Fax: (209) 537-0407

Bill Brush


Phone: (209) 541-7426

Paul Borges


Phone: (209) 505-7157


A list of the major crops we work with presently:






Wine Grapes




Cereal Grains



Geographic areas we mainly cover:






Brian Gogue

California Pest Control Advisor

Certified Crop Advisor

Soil and Crop Fertility and Pest Management

Specializing in:

Cotton, Corn, Alfalfa, Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Grapes (Wine), and Almonds.

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Phone: (559) 582-0291

Paul Hollar

Hanford, CA

Soil Fertility Consulting

Ag Production Consulting

Digital Imagery

Phone: (559) 582-0291

Fax: (559) 582-9648


I am licensed PCA in California since 1987 working cotton, corn silage and grain, small grains forage and grain, alfalfa, walnuts, almonds and pistachios. Specialize in soil reclamation, soil and foliar fertility.

Works in Kings, Tulare and Southern Fresno Counties.

Troy Hutchinson

Brawley, CA

Phone: (760) 455-4778


Licensed California Pest Control Advisor

Soil Fertility Consultant

Irrigation Consultant

Crops: Sugar Beets, Wheat, Onions, Alfalfa Hay & Seed, Bermuda Grass & Seed, Vegetables, Industrial Areas, and Parks.

Bo Shropshire

Soil Fertility and Agricultural Production Consultant

Brawley, CA 92227

Phone: (559) 582-0291


A licensed PCA in California since 1976

Taking care of disease, weeds, insects, and soil fertility in southern California deserts and Southeastern Arizona for conventional and organic farming operations.

Crops: Forage crops, alfalfa hay & seed, bermuda hay & seed, cereal crops, vegetables, melons, sugarbeets, potatoes, figs, citrus, dates, peanuts, flax, and canola seed.

Total Soil Solutions

Brint Foster

4198 County Road KK

Orland, CA 95963

Phone: (530) 521-2022

Soil Fertility and Crop Nutrition Consulting.

I also use a GPS based soil mapping system to address variability in the toughtest of soils

Crops: Alfalfa, corn, rice, tomatoes, almonds, walnuts, prunes, grapes, and small grains.


Bill Casey - Casey Ag Solutions

Fontanelle Hybrids - Territory Sales Manager

13835 Udall Road

Erie, KS 66733

Phone: (620) 423-2842


Midwest coverage. Primarily: Kansas, Southwest Missouri, Northeast Oklahoma. Secondary: Southern Iowa, Northern Missouri, Northwest Arkansas

Soil Renovation, Forage and Crop Production, Holistic and Grazing Management.

M.S. Ag Economics & Finance.

Stocker cattle and cow/calf.

Experienced with by-product feeds & fertilizers.



Alan Perry, CCA

Farm Technologies Network, LLC

266 Centerline Road

Presque Isle, Maine 04769


  • Presque Isle: 207-762-6640
  • Bangor: 207-478-1819



Agricultural solutions through soil and fertility programs

Management options for disease, insect, water, crop production

Network of support, innovative use of technology, education

Effective and sustainable strategies for all types of farming.

Consulting Services: 15 years on more than 40 crops, in 30 states and 15 countries. Potatoes, pastures, hay and forage, cereal crops, vegetables, corn, almonds, olives, grapes, melons, blueberries, and also with alpacas, sheep, dairy cows, beef, turf, and municipal waste sites.


Gilson Martin

Star Dairy Resources

14035 Marsh Pike

Hagerstown, MD 21742

Phone: (301) 739-2025

Cell: (877) 389-8527

Fax: (301) 739-7029

Soil Fertility Specialist and Dairy Nutritionist. Clients in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Consults for both organic and conventional operations.

Crop consulting includes alfalfa/grass hay and pastures, corn, soybeans, berries, oats, wheat, and barley.


David W. Nelson, Independent Bio-Ag Consultant

CHEM-FREE Precision Ag. Service

3253 420th Street

Doran, MN 56522

Phone: (218) 630-5534

Cell: (701) 640-1328

I have been working with Neal Kinsey since 1990 learning and utilizing the Albrecht soil fertility system.

Extensive 'hands on' in the Landscape & Turf Industry. Currently 'hands on' with clients in the Eastern half of North & South Dakota, all of Minnesota and Southern Manitoba. Consult over the phone in 7 other U.S. States.

Cover most farm crops, Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Rye, Oats, Barley, Alfalfa Grass Hay, Nuts, Trees, Sugar Beets, Berries, all vegetable crops, Grass Pasture Pasture and many other crops.

1/3 clients are certified Organic and 2/3 are sustainable moving towards a higher output and / or organic direction.

Our clients are:

  • Educated - using textbooks, professional journals, newsletters, and seminars
  • Trained - using newest equipment in the field to follow crop development through the season.
  • Supported - with availability of consultant over the phone or in person, use of some equipment

We are a Full Service Company - able to supply all fertility materials for production, Dry & Liquid.


Aaron Woolard

Precision Sampling, LLC

W&K Precision Ag, LLP

Cape Girardeau


Cell: (573) 270-7799

Farmer, soil fertility consultant, and precision agriculture specialist.

Crops: Corn, cotton, rice, soybeans, wheat, pasture, grain sorghum, almonds, and walnuts


Full Circle Nutrition

Peter Norwood - Bachelor of Applied Science in Agriculture

28 Dixon St

Victoria 3862


Home: +61 (3) 51457039

Cell: +61 0417446581


My wife Emma and I own and manage our irrigated Lucerne and prime lamb enterprise. I have worked as a ruminant nutritionist and agronomic advisor since 1998 and have completed Neal Kinsey's courses.

I specialize in soil and tissue testing and corrective balancing for soil, plant, and animal health.

Fields of expertise include dairy, beef, sheep, Lucerne, broad acre cropping, and vegetables.

I also provide an advisory service to home gardeners who wish to produce better balanced produce for their own health and well-being.

Agrimilk Consulting Pty Ltd

Tim Williams - B.Sc.Ag, Dip.Ag, Dip.AgBus.Mgt.

51 Hergenhans Lane

P.O. Box 740

Bega NSW

Australia 2550

Cell: 0448272357


Agricultural Consultant specializing in Kinsey/Albrecht Agronomy, Ruminant Nutrition, & Management across New South Wales, Victoria, & Tasmania.

Experienced in farm management throughout Australia, Europe, U.S.A. & Southern Africa with focus on dairy production both pasture based and intensive confined systems.

Working with Kinsey/Albrecht system since 2009 on irrigated and dry land, pasture, cropping, & horticulture focusing on improving, balancing, & maintaining soil fertility and crop nutrient density, yield, animal health, performance, and longevity.

Sutherland Consulting

Rob Sutherland


Spicers Creek

Wellington NSW 2820

Phone: +61 (2) 68466285

Fax: +61 (2) 68466216


Farmer and soil fertility consultant, specializing in the Albrecht System of soil fertility management adapted for Australian soils and conditions.

Experience on my own 4000 acre farm with lime and trace elements since 1989. Working with Neal Kinsey since 1996. Excellent results from my own farm in pasture, livestock and winter crops directed me into consulting for others. Now with clients in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, and TAS, covering all broadacre summer and winter crops, both irrigated and dryland. Pasture production for beef, dairy, prime lambs, lucerne hay, bowling greens, turf, and vegetable production.


Eltjo van Cingel M.Sc., P.Ag.(Soil Science)

Soil Crop & Water Solutions Ltd

80 Hilltop Crescent

Florenceville, New Brunswick, Canada

E7L 3K3

Home: 506-392-6947

Cell: 506-276-4383


Specialize in Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition

I have been balancing soils using the Albrecht System since 1993.

Working in the USA, Canada, and Europe

Crops: Potato, cereals, beans, corn, sugar beets, tulips, forages

Soil Crop & Water Solutions Ltd also formulates and manufactures liquid fertilizer products. These products increase yield and quality by stimulating more root development.


Bayer Handelsvertretung

York-Th. Bayer

Pichelsdorfer Str. 71

D-13595 Berlin

Tel: -49-(0)30-75704620

Cell: -49-(0)160-7454657

Fax: -49-(0)30-75704621

Ust-Id: DE 157439486

Scope: Developing solutions specific to the needs of the client with their goals in focus.

Philosophy: "Healthy soil = healthy plants & high yields = healthy animals = healthy humans."

Independent Soil & Plant fertility consultant who adapted the Prof. Albrecht approach to European conditions. Working on improving yield & plant health by balancing soil nutrient supply.

Client Base: Mainly Germany, also serving Austria, GB, France, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, and Russia. Including farmers, farm related industry being Co-operatives, fertiliser manufacturers & chemical industry.

Services: On site & telephone consultancy, training for farmers, groups, and consultants.

Crops: All main crops grown in the covered countries. Specializing in combinable crops & root crops.

The Netherlands

N-xt Soil Services


1e Bokslootweg 17

7821 AT Emmen

The Netherlands

Soil Sample Address

PO Box 104

NL-8250 AC Dronten

The Netherlands

Marco van Gurp

Phone: 0031 (0)6 10554238


Peter Geurts

Phone: 0031 (0)6 54952469



"Healthy Soils, Fruitful Results"


Thanks to our knowledge of soil and using high quality fertilizers, N-xt Fertilizers and N-xt Soil Services work alongside farmers to help them increase soil health & fertility

Crops We Work With:

Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Sugar Beets, Chicory, Cereals, Brassica Crops, Vegetable Crops, Forage Crops, Grass, Maize, Tulips, Lillies, Tree Nursery

Working Area:

We have a client base in North West Euope: mainly in the Netherlands but also: Belgium, England, Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, and Poland


As a cooperation of different companies, we work to combine knowledge and advice to serve our customers. It's better to work together, share knowledge, and learn from each other. Soil fertility is a universal issue, and the Kinsey-Albrecht System is the way to show farmers and people how to balance your soil for good fertility.

New Zealand


Bruce Hore

P.O. Box 79

Hororata 7544

New Zealand

Tel: 64 3 318 0133

Cell: 64 275 760 303


AgriGanics Ltd was established in 2009 to provide affordable tools and services to support New Zealand farmers working towards sustainable agriculture.

Owner Bruce Hore farmed for many years before he began workin with Neal Kinsey in 2005. He has since become one of New Zealand's most experienced Kinsey-Albrecht consultants, attending several Kinsey-Albrecht Programmes, including the Advanced 1 and 2 courses.

AgriGanics provides a range of services and products - including Precision Soil Mapping services, fertilizer recommendations, and soil bio-stimulant BioPlus - to cropping, dairy, sheep, and beef and horticultural clients. These tools allow growers to use fertilizer more strategicallly and effectively - ultimately improving the profitability of their operation, while also improving the health of their soil.

Kiwi Fertiliser Co. Ltd.


2 Sunset Close


New Zealand 3900

Kiwi Fertiliser has consultants throughout the North Island of NZ. See our website for a consultant servicing your area. Our consultants have attended multiple courses as taught by Neal on a regular basis.

Managing Director - Ron McLean

Phone: 0800 549 433


Kiwi Fertiliser was formed to change the face of New Zealand agriculture. It follows the principles began by Dr. William Albrecht in the 1930's, and refined by Neal Kinsey of Kinsey Agricultural Services, who has produced detailed manuals on how to work out exactly what is required to reach full potential in any soil, anywhere in the world. To enable him and other consultants to do that, all soil samples are sent to Perry Agricultural Laboratories in Missouri. Those precise findings are then converted into fertiliser recommendations. These are not restricted to N, P and K, but extends to all essential nutrients and the various materials that will perform best in your situation. It matters not if you are organically or chemically oriented; nature's rules are identical for all systems. Break the rules and pests, diseases and weeds will follow. Follow the rules and all those negatives will fade into the background. To follow the rules, you must know what they are. That is where Kiwi Fertiliser fits in. There may be an investment to make, especially if capital applications are required, but the price is well worth the planning and effort. Eventually the fertiliser account, the vet bills, the chemical sprays and the problems will all decline, resulting in pleasurable farming, improved environment and superior sustainability and profitability. Soil fertility effects go well beyond the soil. They go through pastures and crops, through stock and humans and to the bottom line. Many farmers and growers believe they are doing well when the reality is, they are not. Those that recognise they could do better and challenge the boundaries will find reward beyond their imagination.

Parker Lime Co.

Scott Parker

PO Box 6



New Zealand 0540

Phone: 64 9 4312 407

Fax: 64 21 453 252


Parker Lime provides sustainable soil fertility solutions to the agricultural and horticultural industries, helping clients solve problems with soil, plant and animal health - such as weed/pest pressure, animal fertility, poor yield, quality issues and diseases in plants and animals.

Scott and Anna have attended several Neal Kinsey/Albrecht workshops including Advanced 1 and 2 workshops in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

We provide soil fertility testing, recommendations and custom mineral blends for pasture based farms including dairy, sheep and beef and, more recently, maize, vegetables and tree crops.



Lawrence Alloo- Managing Director and Owner

Gerald Davies- General Manager

Scott Eckhold- Consultant

Tim Adcock- Consultant

Anthony McLean- Consultant

Helen Graham- Consultant

Fraser Darling- Consultant

92 Factory Road

Millpark Estate

PO Box 337



New Zealand

Phone: 64 03 484 7721

Fax: 64 03 484 7725


We set up Superior in 2001 with the aim of providing farmers a more profitable and sustainable alternative to conventional fertilization of farms, orchards and vineyards. We have embraced the Albrecht approach and the results speak for themselves.

We now have hundreds of farms obtaining better results in terms of faster weight gains, less animal health issues, increased productivity and yields for the same dollar spent per hectare as a conventional fertilising regime.

We have now been working with Neal Kinsey for over 7 years and every time we attend a course there is always something new to learn and interesting poeple to meet. All of our staff have attended numerous Advanced Courses.

Our client base is now very diverse, and includes sheep and beef farms, dairy farms, vineyards, orchards and market gardeners.

Full Circle Nutrition

153 Oakwood Road RD4

Timaru 7974

New Zealand

Phone: 64 3 686 1684

Mobile: 64 29 224 7676

Fax: 64 272 002 303


Full Circle Nutrition offers independent soil fertility consulting using the Kinsey-Albrecht system. We have no affiliation to any fertilizer companies, so clients can rely on getting a true independent recommendation with the ability to purchase their fertilizer from their desired supplier.

Jeremy was first introduced to the Kinsey-Albrecht system in 2005 while managing the family farm and saw vast improvements. He went on to become a consultant in 2010 and joined Full Circle Nutrition in 2013. Jeremy has attended several Kinsey-Albrecht Programs, including 2 Advanced Courses. He words in association with Bruce Hore from AgriGanics to cover the South Island of New Zealand.

Full Circle Nutrition also offers Hair Mineral Analysis for animals. This is done using proven science and the revolutionary methodology put together by leading Australian Nutritionist, Peter Norwood. From what we have learned in the soil and animal work, we now have been able to produce some exciting foliar sprays to be used at strategic times for varying crops and pastures.

Now with the ability to work/balance the soil, plant, and animals we can offer a true full circle solution for clients to achieve an all-around more profitable business.

South Africa

Biofarm Assist

Our Mission:

Biofarm Assist has a passion to assist all farmers with knowledge from conventional to biological farming practices which, in turn, promises health, wealth,and happiness!


CEO - Ben De Wet - 082 440 7676


Biofarm Assist -

Ben De Wet -



Dr. Nico van Vuuren

PO Box 1203



Phone: 072 560 3188

Fax: 086 516 2992